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Connect with Nicola, an experienced healthcare professional, to discover how walking and talking can provide an alternative to traditional counselling and benefit your physical health and emotional wellness

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Wellness Walking - Beautiful Autumn View


Talk to a caring professional if you're going through a hard time or feeling isolated


Get active and improve your fitness, health and wellbeing


Enjoy being surrounded by nature as you're guided on a beautiful walking route

Wellness Walking - Nicola

Wellbeing Support

Nicola will guide you on a walking route and give you the chance to talk and be supported if you're struggling with lack of confidence, isolation, anxiety, bereavement, separation or any other challenge. Talking whilst walking can feel a more comfortable way of opening up than in the more traditional clinic setting. Nicola is looking forward to meeting you and helping you see the benefits of therapeutic conversation and exercise for both your physical health and emotional wellness.

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Exercise Outdoors

Exercising outdoors in nature has been shown to improve physical, mental and emotional wellness. Exposure to sunlight boosts vitamin D levels and, when combined with being active, there are proven benefits for your cardiovascular function, immune system and bone health. Exercise also promotes the release of feel-good endorphins and walking and talking in natural green spaces reduces stress and improves mood.

Nicola is here to help you to discover these benefits for yourself by guiding you on a walking route. Whether it's an hour walk locally or a full day group adventure, she can tailor walks to suit adults of all ages, activity levels and individual needs.

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Wellness Walking - Walking Location


Walks take place at a handful of beautiful and carefully selected locations in the Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire area. Alternatively, if you'd rather walk from your home or elsewhere, a personalised route can be created to better suit your needs and location. Click on the boxes below to find out more about each location.




Flexible walks of a duration to meet your needs. Priced at an hourly rate, scheduled when convenient and on a one-off or regular basis.


Get outdoors and walk with Nicola and a group of like-minded people. Groups take place at one of the locations above, typically for an hour and on a regular basis.


A full or half-day walking trip suitable for corporate away days, groups of friends or individuals. Lunch and refreshments can be included. Please get in touch to discuss prices and requirements.

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